Who’s Who in the Mystic’s Zoo

A spiritual guide to the mystical experience by an enlightened hippopotamus!

In case you’re looking for a laugh and a spiritual awakening at the same time, this humorous book on spirituality and mysticism will do the trick.

Let yourself be guided to the land of enlightened beings by an supremely enlightened hippopotamus.


About The Book

This book was written in a series of spontaneous sessions through the free flowing of consciousness. I didn’t have any clear purpose with the book except maybe for sharing some light and having some fun. This book is probably mainly directed to spiritual seekers that are also looking for a chuckle and a giggle here and there. However the book is not exclusively for hard-core spiritually inclined people, as I find it rather that the book can be read by anyone since the language is quite simple, fun and engaging.

Another reason for me writing this book, now that I really think about it, is that the world today is in some important aspects living in spiritual darkness, and I find the mystical experience to be the equivalent of a supernova going of in the psyche and soul of a sentient being, well maybe not a supernova but close enough. That being said, the book chiefly wrote itself, as everything poured out like water flowing steadily from a mighty stream, without effort and without a real end in sight, though all things come to an end eventually.

What’s inside


Say who?

Chapter 1


What so freaking mystical about mysticism?

Chapter 2


The many mystic friends of your master hippo guide

Chapter 3


How to master the mojo of an enlightened hippo

Chapter 4


Follow the hippo

Chapter 6


Follow the hippo, for reals this time

Chapter 5


The land of the Enlightened Hippos

Chapter 7


We the enlightened hippos are awaiting your arrival

Chapter 8


What is mysticism? Who is the mystic and what wisdom can people extract from their lives and their various colourful expressions? In this book I will give an absolute subjective outlook of what mysticism or who the mystic is, since that is in fact what I consider mysticism to be, namely absolute subjectivity.

Before we get going I would like to say that there are plenty of books out there describing different mystical schools and traditions from all over the world at great length and in detail. This book however will not even be remotely similar to those fine books of reference. The main purpose with this writing is rather to establish a direct and somewhat humorous dialogue with you the reader and the one writing this. This direct dialogue will be a unique approach to what often times is taken a bit too seriously, that is spirituality. You may ask what has mysticism to do with spirituality? Well, I would say just about everything, as mysticism is the core and climax of all spiritual endeavours and practises.

In this book I will attempt to guide you, the reader and hopefully fellow seeker, through the mystical experience by providing a vibrant and alive discussion and step-by-step journey towards the essence of mysticism. Furthermore on how humanity and more importantly you can benefit from this spiritual refinement that can arise out of the mystical experience, and yes you are more important than humanity. Now don’t ask me on what utilitarian principle I base this on, and just swallow the ego-boosting pill I’m so generously providing. Because your ego will soon be dissolved anyways, so what does it matter right?

Now I suppose it would be considered cordial to introduce the writer of this book to the reader, which is in fact what I should do but will cordially refrain from. You may ask why? Why the darn impoliteness sir, as it probably would only be a couple minute of your time. A couple minutes where you could simply explain to us your readers on why you decided to write this truly superbly magnificent book. I suppose that would be a route to take, where I’m simply conveying how I began my own mystical journey and on the major transformative events that changed my life, but I won’t do that, at least not now, as it would betray the essence of the mystic. How? You’ll find out soon enough, and that is something I can whole-heartedly promise you…

Surprise! It is now soon enough and my name is Daniel Seeker and I’m a shapeshifting wizard that was born and raised in the northern lands called Sweden. That being said, one of my favourite beings that I like to shapeshift into is the noble and supremely enlightened hippopotamus that is going to or perhaps already is writing this book right now. As for that tiny unsettling fact, all I can say is that we can never truly know who’s who in the mystics’ zoo is doing the writing of this book.

Now that we got the awkward part over with, lets get started shall we?



What’s contained in this humorous book

  • Spiritual enlightenment as told by an supremely enlightened hippopotamus.
  • A brief introduction to what mysticism really is.
  • How to realize your true self through meditative introspection.
  • Lots and lots of laughter, because spirituality isn’t supposed to be all that serious.

About the author

Daniel Seeker is a wandering dervish, creator of Nirvanic and a lifelong student of the past, present and future. He realized that he was made of immaculate and timeless consciousness when meditating in his hermit cave on the island of Gotland. His writings and his online course (Liberated) are mostly a reflection of that realizaton. Daniel has studied history, philosophy, egyptology and western esotericism at Uppsala Universitet. He’s also currently writing his B.A. thesis in history which explores how Buddhist and Hindu texts were first properly translated and introduced to the western world in the late 18th and 19th century.

Daniel Seeker



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