The spiritual way of not giving a f*ck 

A direct guide to freeing your mind from internal and external nonsense.

We live in a world of distractions

The need to reclaim our minds from the socio-cultural machine is more urgent than ever before. If we’re not careful, the programming of society and culture will turn you into a slave to its own agenda.

With the advent of digital technology, we’re distracted at every turn. Our attention is carried away by almost every impression, leaving little room for our own individual sense of freedom.

If you’re one that wants to be free from the churning machine, that is psychologically and mentally free, then this course is for you. Though your freedom cannot be guaranteed, what can be guaranteed is an expanded conscious awareness of the nature of the conscious experience and what makes you function the way you do and why.



The Separate self

The root issue

The separate self, or the belief and sense of being a separate entity in a world of other separate entities is in many ways, the root issue to most psychological problems people are facing. When we realize that what we’ve taken ourselves to be is merely an persistent illusion and that everything that we experience is interconnected and interlinked in ways we can’t even begin to fathom, this is when we can gradually release the stored up tensions that limits our authentic and natural being from shining forth.

A shift in perception and perspective is needed to bring about the change necessary. This course will help you do that.



What is consciousness?

two perspectives on consciousness

Consciousness is all we have and all that we are. Having said that, there are two main ways of looking at consciousness, what it is and how it arises. In this course we’ll be discussing and contemplating both, namely the spiritual and the materialistic.


The spiritual perspective proposes that your physical body, the universe and everything you know and perceive arises first and foremost in consciousness.


The materialistic perspective proposes that consciousness and everything you know and perceive arises in the universe, as an epiphenomena in the physical body or the brain.


The fundamental mental powers

That make up your subjective reality

To understand why you’re currently giving so many f*cks, you need to understand what is happening in your unstable and capricious mind, i.e. the psychological monkey-mind that’s always jumping around from thought to thought, a monkey mind that rarely gives you rest to be just what you are.

Now I’ve found that there’s seven fundamental mental powers at our disposal that make up much of our subjective reality as human beings. When you learn to expand your awareness of these fundamental powers, then you’ll be better equipped to function more authentically, naturally and effortlessly in your day to day life.


Whatever or wherever you place your attention, that place or space becomes your immediate reality.


The things you’re interested in will lead you to certain types of experiences while away from others.


The things that you believe to be true will in some way or another shape your reality and how you operate in it.


Your desire and the the objects of your desire will strongly govern how you think, feel and act.


The self-image you have of yourself will considerably determine how you function in your day-to-day life.


We’re all endowed with a “sense” of a separate will, which we can use to shape our reality to a certain degree.


Most of us are equipped with the capacity to think abstractly, in our imagination as visualizations or verbalizations.



How to move from person to presence

To come closer to your own liberated nature, you have to gradually start moving from person to presence. Which simply means to leave behind the “personal state” of navigating the world, to living more in the immediacy of each novel moment as presence. In other words, presence is a mode of consciousness and when you navigate the world from the state of presence, you’ll be travelling lighter and much more in harmony with life as it is, unfolding each moment a new.


Presence is the antidote to the limitations which the “personal” state puts you in. If you wish to be free from much of your psychological baggage and distress, consciously living as presence is the way to go.


Direct experience

realizing The primacy of direct experience

Living as presence means to prioritize direct experience over indirect experience. Which simply means that instead of merely consuming and experiencing life through filtered mental projections, you consciously decide to suck the marrow out of life by diving deep into each moment as it unfolds, no gap between you and the moment as it is. Direct experience means to empower your life by effortlessly focusing on each unfolding spontaneous moment.

Direct Experience

Direct experience brings you to the immediacy and richness of each novel moment. The here and now is all there truly is and the primacy of direct experience is the moment-to-moment realization of this undeniable fact.


spiritual Insights

12 powerful spiritual ideas to empower the felt presence of direct experience

We’ve been around for a while, in this module we’ll discover the spiritual enterprise of man throughout history together, by partaking in timeless insights into life and reality.

Nirvanic Insights

There are a handful of spiritual insights passed down from the ages that remind us of the nature of consciousness and existence in general. In this course you’ll get familiarized with some of the most powerful ones.



12 ways to live more as presence & through direct experience

You are being lived by the present moment as you are living it simultaneously. You cannot separate yourself from the here and now, if you think you can then that is only through the medium of thinking it so. If this is the case for you, this needs to be corrected. Thus we’ll also explore 12 pathways that can lead you to life lived as presence and through the medium of direct experience.

Living in the Now

There is only one reality, that reality is now, unfolding each moment a new, don’t let it go by unnoticed.

Who is this course for?

People seeking relief

If you wish to alleviate psychological and mental distress, if you’re distracted at every turn, this course and its content is definitely for you.

Open-minded people

If you’re an open-minded individual who wishes to learn more about what it means to be an conscious and aware being. This course is for you.

Seekers of truth

If you see yourself as a spiritually inclined individual or even a seeker of truth that’s thirsting for true knowledge, this course is for you. 

What’s contained in the course

7 modules to bring you closer to liberation


The Separate Self

Initially you’ll be introduced to the concept of the separate self, a seeming entity which occupies your mind but which in fact is a process that hijacks consciousness and tricks it into thinking that it is separate from the rest of the universe.


The Nature of Consciousness

There are two main ways of looking at consciousness and its contents, namely the spiritual and the materialistic way. One is direct, the other is indirect. Only you can be the judge of which way is the greater or truer one at the end of this course.


The 7 Fundamental Mental Powers

There are seven fundamental mental powers or features which make up much of your subjective reality which you need to contemplate on, namely attention, will, interest, desire, belief, identity and imagination.


The Power of Presence

When you understand the separate self and the seven fundamental mental powers that shapes your subjective reality, you’ll be prepared to move from this personal state of functioning to the more harmonious, vibrant and natural state of presence, which is your somewhat overlooked natural state. 


The Primacy of Direct Experience

Presence is deeply interconnected with direct experience, in fact they could almost be seen as synonyms. The shift from living as a person through indirect experience to living as presence through direct experience is a big step towards realizing the effortless nature of consciousness.


Spiritual Insights

There are a handful of spiritual insights which can be used as contemplative and meditative tools in order to reach the state of presence and direct experience more readily and easily. We’ll explore some of the most powerful ideas, pointings and teachings together.


Living in the Now

To counter the innumerable distractions of the psychological mind and daily hustle and bustle of modern life, you’ll be introduced to a couple effective ways of aligning your attention and awareness with the immediacy of each unfolding moment. 


In the course you’ll also get access to 4 powerful eBooks that can be downloaded as PDF files.

Your guide

Daniel Seeker

Daniel Seeker is a wandering dervish and lifelong student of the past, present and future. He realized that he was made of immaculate and timeless consciousness when meditating in his hermit cave on the island of Gotland. The contents of this course has been prepared for about five years, where all of his understandings has been distilled into this one course.

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The spiritual way of not giving a f*ck

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Why isn't the course free?

The main reason the course isn’t free is because everything else I’ve produced is free and I’ve noticed that whatever is offered freely is very often taken for granted. Instead of putting all of this on YouTube I decided to make it an investment which you as a buyer will take more seriously and to draw you away from the oversaturated platform which is YouTube.

Is this a video course?

At this very moment this course is only text based but in the very near future I will upload both videos, audio and guided meditations of me going through the most important lessons in each module. In other words, this course is a work in progress which will be upgraded, improved and expanded as we go along. If you buy the course now, you’ll get lifetime access to the course no matter the future upgrades. A decent investment I say!

What will happen to me after completing the course?

To know yourself at a deeper subjective and spiritual level can cause a dramatic change in how you interact with the surrounding world. My goal with this course is to shed light on certain aspects of the human experience which often gets overlooked or isn’t recognized by the masses. Furthermore to alleviate and unburden you from the different varieties of psychological distress which you yourself and the society around you always puts upon you in some way or another. 

How do I apply what I learn here in real life?

To function naturally and spontaneously, unhindered by psychological noise will most likely happen by itself when you learn about presence, direct experience and the fundamental mental powers that make up much of your subjective reality. In other words, you won’t need to apply too much, you’ll naturally align and harmonize with each unfolding moment as it is, this is the beauty of the spiritual way of not giving a f*ck.

Is this course filled with woo-woo?

I’m happy to say that this course contains very little woo-woo and fluff. I’ve done my best to distill what I’ve learnt from many spiritual and philosophical disciplines into an digestible and accessible language. Some parts will be more speculative and metaphysical but you shouldn’t let that be an obstacle, if it is, I ask you respectfully to go somewhere else.

What is this course really about?

This course is about you discovering and realizing something within yourself that isn’t bound to your psychological projections about life and the world around you. It’s about finding your center by understanding different aspects of your consciousness in a more intuitive and primal level. The course offers a radical shift in perspective from the ordinary materialistic and dualistic worldview that we’ve all been hypnotized into believing.

Why the indelicate subtitle to the course?

The subtitle was choosen to Liberated, because I felt that the common phrase of “not giving a f*ck” in the English language describes certain essential aspects of the meditative state or the state of presence rather well. Plus I find it to be a catchy yet no-bullshit approach spirituality if you will.

30 days money-back guarantee

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