The spiritual way of not a giving a f*

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The word nirvanic refers to the state of being in nirvana. Nirvana is the cessation of suffering and psychological unsatisfactoriness.

The goal of Nirvanic is to bring you to state of presence. Moreover to induce a state of mind within you that is characterized by serenity, effortlessness, clarity and last but not least, a subtle but stable joy.

Here you’ll find books, music, videos and exclusive courses that will inspire and guide you to the nirvanic state of mind.


The Nirvanic Blog

The blog of Nirvanic regularly posts articles, quotes and insights regarding different fascinating topics, such as spirituality, mythology, meditation, psychedelics and more.

What is the Essence of Spirituality?

“Some of our richest days are those in which no sun shines outwardly, but so much the more a sun shines inwardly.” – Henry David Thoreau The essence of spirituality is to know yourself as presence instead of merely person. Spirituality is to discover the sun that...

5 Ancient and Timeless Spiritual Ideas

We think we know it all today, and truth be told, humanity has made some amazing leaps in the past few centuries: flying machines, boats that travel underwater, buildings that soar above the clouds, and a globally connected invisible network that can be accessed...

Slow time down or everything you know will end in no time

Time feels like its accelerating the older you get. Days, weeks, months and years go by faster and faster. When you ask adults about this peculiar phenomena, they sometimes get this reaction that “Yep, it sucks but that’s how it is.” A day, week, month or year...

The Spiritual Way of Being Fearless

Fearless. Not fearless as in careless or reckless, but fearless as in you know who you truly are and that nothing can fundamentally challenge your inner state of being. The fearlessness I speak of is not merely the conviction of your mind, but more so the full...